Lothar Speer has dedicated himself to traditional art since his youth. As a national award-winning artist, hea has studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, and Basel, Switzerland, and completed his BFA at Loyola University in Chicago. He holds a Masters Degree of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and has been teaching at various academies and art centers nationally as well as sharing his knowledge in small intensive workshops in his atelier.

Lothar Speer has received Europe's prestigious Johannes Fuger Medal from the National Academy of the fine Arts, Vienna, Austria's highest acknowledgement in the field of figurative art and has been a four-time art grant recipient from the City of Chicago as well has the School of the Art Insitute of Chicago.

Mr. Speer's exhibition venues include Basel, Salzburg, Vienna, the Capitol Building in Washington D. C., New York, and affiliate galleries of Chicago's Art Institute. His work is in Private, public, corporate, ecclesiastic and academic collections and museums.

Mr. Speer has also executed ecclesiastic, public and private murals, which have been published internationally through print, television and electronic media. Be it through portraiture, mural art or his own studio work, Mr. Speer aims at contextualizing the aesthetic and technical processes of traditional figurativism with the social and spiritual issues of our time.

His oeuvre celebrates technical skill, an erudite aestheticism, visual literacy and historical knowledge as the necessary foundation for a meanigful continuation of the great traditions of Western art.

Mr. Speer has been living in Chicago for the past 17 years. The Renaissance Project is located in the heart of beautiful Lincoln Square. Visitors are welcome. Please call ahead to make an appointment to see Mr. Speer's work in person.

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